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Seminar für Orientalische Archäologie und Kunstgeschichte
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Interdisciplinary Research Centre 586 "Difference and Integration" - Interaction between nomadic and settled forms of life in the civilisations of the Old World

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Projects executed from 2001 until 2009 at the Seminar for Oriental Archaeology and Art History:

SFB 586   Project A1
The development of nomadism in northern Syria in the 3rd millennium B.C.

SFB 586   Project A7 (Part A)
The development of mobile forms of life and economy depending on ecological resources in the northwestern coastal region of Egypt from antiquity to Islamic times

SFB 586 B4   Project B4 (I)
Aramaic tribes and the Syro-Mesopotamian homeland, 12th-9th centuries B.C.

SFB 586 - D3   Project D3 (finished in June 2005)
Transfer of arms and armour among nomads and sedentary peoples in Parthian and Sasanian times

SFB 586 - D6   Project D6 (former C5)
Nomads and sedentaries in pre-Muslim Transoxania (ca. 5th to 8th/9th centuries A.D.) - Mountainous and piedmont zones of Central Asia as areas of interaction between nomads and sedentaries. Case studies in the archaeology and history of the area between Zerafshan and Shakhristansay (Tadzhikistan)

SFB 586   Project D7 (former C6)
Nomadic and sedentary peoples - Northern Mesopotamia in the Arsacid and Sasanian periods

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update: 2009-07-24
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